Same-Day Dental Crowns

Fix your smile in one appointment!

No More Waiting

A dental crown is a tooth-like cap that’s permanently placed over your tooth to protect it from further decay or damage and restore its beauty and function.

Sounds great, right? Well, it gets even better…

With same-day crowns, you’ll avoid all the nuances of traditional crowns:

  • No putty impressions

  • No temporary crown

  • No waiting 2+ weeks for your permanent crown

  • No additional appointment

Are Same-Day Dental Crowns Good?

Yes! See why patients and dentists love this faster alternative to traditional crowns.

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Same-day crowns are made with CEREC technology, which is meticulously detailed and helps make better fitting crowns.

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High Quality

With proper care, CEREC-made crowns last just as long as lab-made ones, which averages 5 to 15 years.

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Same-day crowns are customized to look natural and blend in with surrounding teeth. No one will notice!

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The cost of a single-visit crown is comparable to a traditional one. However, you’ll save time and money by avoiding multiple appointments, time off work, etc.

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In place of messy impressions, a quick and painless digital scan is taken. Same-day crowns are also known to help you preserve more natural tooth (less drilling!).

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Less Hassle

Why wait weeks for the lab to make your crown and stress about wearing a temporary crown when you can get a permanent crown in one appointment?

Making Your Life Easier

Getting a new crown in one day isn’t the only convenience you’ll encounter at ProGrin Dental:

  • Multiple payment options: In addition to accepting dental insurance, we also take credit cards, cash, check, and third-party financing through CareCredit… This text opens a new tab to the CareCredit website….

  • Support to help you relax: Conquer your dental anxiety or fear with our undivided attention, gentle techniques, comfort menu, and sedation dentistry options.

  • Complimentary consultations: Are you a new patient? Schedule a no-strings-attached consultation to see if we’re the best dentist for you. We’ll answer all your questions with full transparency and provide you with our honest, professional recommendations.

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“Everything Went Painlessly and Smoothly.”

"Everyone I dealt with, from making the appointment to the procedure itself, was friendly, professional, and thorough. I had broken a tooth and needed a crown. Everything went painlessly and smoothly. Would highly recommend. It's an excellent choice for your dental care needs."

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Q&A on Same-Day Crowns

Answered by our expert restorative dentists
  • How long does a same-day crown take?

    Our milling machine creates your new crown in about 15 minutes.

    However, the entire procedure will take around 1-2 hours on average. This includes:

    • Taking x-rays (as needed)
    • Removing existing crown (if applicable)
    • Prepping your tooth
    • Taking a digital impression
    • Designing your crown
    • Creating your crown
    • Adjusting your crown (as needed)
    • Permanently placing your crown

    Two hours sounds a lot better than two weeks, right?

  • How much do they cost?

    The price of a CEREC crown is comparable to a traditional crown. How is that possible?

    CEREC technology costs are offset by only needing one appointment and not having a dental lab fee.

    To find out exactly how much this procedure will cost you, schedule an appointment with our CEREC dentists in Boiling Springs, SC.

  • Does it hurt?

    No, getting a crown doesn’t hurt.

    Before we begin, we’ll numb your mouth with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. If you need an extra boost of relaxation, we offer sedation dentistry and a comfort menu.

    After the procedure, your crowned tooth may feel slightly tender, but this feeling should subside within days or even hours. Over-the-counter pain medication can help if needed.

  • Are they permanent?

    Yes and no. Here’s what we mean by that:

    No: Technically, no dental crown is permanent because they all eventually need to get replaced. On average, a dental crown will last 5 to 15 years with excellent care.

    Yes: A dental crown procedure is irreversible because tooth enamel is removed to place the crown. Therefore, it’s considered permanent because you’ll always wear a crown (or another restoration) thereafter.

    The good news is that with a same-day crown, you’ll leave the office with the “permanent” crown in one visit.

    Whereas with a traditional crown, you’ll leave the first appointment wearing a temporary crown for 2+ weeks, which isn’t as durable, and you’ll have to avoid sticky or hard foods. Then you’ll leave the second appointment with the “permanent” crown.

  • Can you get root canal and crown on the same day?

    Yes. With CEREC technology, it’s possible to receive a root canal and crown on the same day.

    Contact us to discuss this option.

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