General Dentistry

In its purest form, dentistry is about prevention and problem-solving. Through regular dental hygiene visits, our team can diagnose and treat oral health problems and more extensive health issues. If you are searching for a dentist, we invite you to schedule your first visit with us today!

Dental Hygiene Appointments 

First off, we have to make sure your gums, teeth, and jawbone are healthy, strong, and functioning properly. Our team will examine your smile and look for any dental issues that should be addressed. All of our hygienists are trained and passionate about keeping your smile clean by removing plaque and tartar. 

In-Depth Conversations

It wouldn’t be the ProGrin way if we just cleaned your teeth and left. Instead, our hygienists and dentists will explain everything to you, including:

  • What’s Going On With Your Smile
  • A Customized Treatment Plan To Reach Your Smile Goals
  • Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy
  • Nutrition And Dietary Tips

Oral Cancer Screenings 

Preventative dental care plays a huge role in our practice. We take extra measures to make sure you are healthy, and you can keep your teeth for life! During your routine hygiene cleanings, we always perform an oral cancer screening. By being proactive, we have a better chance at recognizing the risk for oral cancer and catching it early so you can treat it.

Dental Emergencies

We’re here to help you – even after business hours! At ProGrin Dental, we’re proud to offer an emergency dental line to all of our current patients. If you’re going through a dental emergency in the South Carolina area, call our emergency line right away!

Some of the most common dental emergencies include:

  • Broken Or Cracked Teeth
  • Broken Jaw
  • A Knocked Out Tooth
  • A Severe Toothache
  • An Object Caught Between Teeth

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is part of the endodontic specialty to save or repair a tooth when it’s severely decayed, infected, or has been through a traumatic accident. It’s the last resort to save your tooth from a tooth extraction. Root canal therapy involves removing the nerve and pulp, cleaning and sealing the inside of the tooth, and capping it with a dental crown. Benefits of root canal therapy include:

  • You’ll Keep Your Natural Smile
  • Continue Eating Your Favorite Foods
  • Limit The Need For Ongoing Dental Work
  • Finally Get Out Of Pain

Tooth Extraction

So, you’re told you need a tooth extraction. It may seem scary, but there are times an extraction is needed to keep your smile healthy or to make room for orthodontics. No matter your reason for needing a tooth extraction, our team is here to help.

Providing A First-Class Dental Experience

Our doctors and staff are here to help make your procedure a painless and anxiety-free experience. We commonly hear from patients that they were comfortable throughout their entire dental visit. Some of the ways we can give you the best overall experience include:

  • Our Comfort Menu – From our Comfort Menu, you’ll be able to select a variety of amenities to make your visit very comfortable. Some of our amenities include warm blankets and noise-canceling headphones.
  • Sedation Dentistry – For those who need an extra boost to feel relaxed and forget about their procedure, we offer multiple sedation options to put your mind at ease. You may even forget the procedure happened.
  • Modern Technology – We have the tools, training, and technology (on top of our friendly team) to make your tooth extraction a pain-free experience.
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