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primescan digital scanner

Everyone is tired of the old method of gagging on molds and hoping they don’t rip out your teeth in the process. The method of using molds for impressions and oral appliances has been around for years. The process is long, messy, and uncomfortable for everyone. That’s why we have found a great solution for our staff and patients: the Primescan Intra-oral Scanner!

What is Primescan?

Primescan is a digital scanner that scans your mouth to enable your dentist to capture a direct optical impression. The scanner projects light onto a source to be scanned. The object is scanned and processed to produce a 3D surface model. Your dentist then uses the model to help form an impression for your oral appliance.

The Problem With Impression Molds

  • It’s time-consuming – it takes quite a bit of time to gather the materials and create the perfect mold for your teeth.
  • It’s uncomfortable – the old method of creating impressions is messy and can be uncomfortable.
  • It can be inaccurate – most of the time, patients would have to come in multiple times for an impression molding and still have problems with their oral appliances not fitting correctly.
  • It is not pleasant – many of our patients have had problems with impression molds because of gagging or an unpleasant aftertaste.

Our Solution With Primescan

  • Time saver – intra-oral scanners save your valuable time in the chair!
  • Safe – during the scanning process, there is no harmful radiation emitted to the patient. This makes the experience completely safe for everyone involved.
  • Accurate – the scanner produces an image that shows your mouth and teeth’s exact shape and contour. This helps to create more accurate appliances for your dental care.
  • Comfort – the process is overall more comfortable and clean for our staff and patients. WIth impression molds, you would be left sitting in the dental chair for 15 minutes gagging and making a mess everywhere. There is no mess, and the process is done within a few minutes with the intra-oral scanner.

See How It Works

Primescan is easy and effective for our staff and our patients. We love to learn new techniques that are helpful for everyone involved. The Primescan Intra-oral Scanner helps us do just that! Take a look at how it works below:

dentist scanning with primescan
Source: CEREC on

If you need a digital impression at our office, we will take you through the simple process using our new digital scanner.

  1. Our clinician will take an image of your tooth or section of your mouth needed for preparation.
  2. The digital scanner is inserted into your mouth and moved over the surface of the tooth or teeth.
  3. A monitor will display the results of the image that is captured next to you.
  4. It takes about a minute and a half to capture a full impression of your teeth.

Using our new Primescan technology will make it easier for our staff and patients to get the best results out of their dental care.

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