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Jawzrsize: Is It Worth It?

Box of Jawzrsize equipment

We all dream of having a chiseled jawline. We get upset when we look down to see our reflection in our phone and notice we have a double chin. That’s where Jawzrsize comes into play.

Claims of Jawzrsize

Jawzrsize is a piece of exercise equipment that claims to strengthen the jawline and give you the perfect chiseled look that you’ve always wanted. And there’s a lot more claimed benefits from their website:

  • Activates 57 or more facial muscles for a thorough workout
  • “Slimmer face,” “reduced double chin,” “stronger neck,” and “more defined jawline.”
  • See results in as little as 20 minutes a day.
  • Stronger neck muscles
  • Better jaw function

How does it work?

These little devices are supposed to give you a workout that will strengthen your jaw muscles. There are different types of devices. Some you can just “Pop’n’Go,” others you will have to soften before use. You place the small device in between your front teeth and bite down 15-20 times for 3-4 sessions a day. Each color device has a different resistance ranging from 20-50 pounds. Start by using the level 1 device and increase your repetitions and increase your device resistance throughout the weeks.

Is Jawzrsize good for my teeth?

If you have never had jaw problems before, this device may not be as damaging as someone who has had issues with their jaw in the past. This device can be seriously harmful and will add another level of stress on the jaw. Throughout the day, our jaws get enough wear and tear from talking and chewing food. Repeated applications of this high pressure can damage the joint and surrounding muscles.

One of our dentists at ProGrin, Dr. Kevin J. Stoller, helps his patients who have problems with TMJ/TMD. He says, “It has the potential to harm the TMJ, including disk displacement. The jaw gets a natural workout all day long, and stressing it more is not a good idea.”

It is best to stay away from this type of device when looking for an easy way to chisel your jawline.

To talk to a dentist in the Simpsonville area about your jaw health, please call 864-228-9112 today for an appointment at ProGrin Dental of Simpsonville.

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