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Fall Treats That are Good for Your Teeth

The weather is finally starting to cool off and the smell of fall is in the air. All the fall activities are started to come out of hibernation and all the family weekend trips are just around the corner. But it is not autumn without yummy treats. Though some fall treats can be really bad for your teeth, there are some that our dentists at ProGrin Dental love to enjoy.

Box of popped pop corn.

Bad Treats

Before we start looking at what is good to eat during the fall, we should take a look at what treats are bad for your teeth. Many snacks in the fall season are filled with sugar and are hard. They can not only cause cavities but they can be sticky and hard. When you bite into these treats they can chip or break your teeth causing large problems.

  • Candy Apples – While apples themselves can be great for your teeth, covering them in sticky caramel and candy can cause a lot of harm. The sugar and sticky parts of the food stay on your teeth causing bacteria to stay and produce plaque.
  • Peanut Brittle- Though there are peanuts in the title, these hard treats are very harmful to your teeth. Not only is it full of sugar and corn syrup, but it also becomes very hard once baked together. Biting into this snack is hard on your teeth and can cause your teeth to break.
  • Dried Fruits- Even though these tasteful snacks seem healthy and a good alternative to other candy, they are full of sugar. Because of all the sugar, dried fruits can become sticky causing damage to your teeth.
  • Popcorn- Watching Halloween movies seems like a must-have for popcorn lovers. But maybe you should think twice before nervously eating. Bits and pieces can get stuck in between your teeth and if not removed, can decay and even cause an abscess. And, those unpopped kernels can sneak into your mouth when you’re not paying attention and can easily crack a tooth.

Cup of Green Tea on a plate.

Good Treats

Okay, enough of what you can’t eat. Here are so great treats for your teeth that you should choose over any hard candy or sticky treat.

  • Pumpkin- No, pumpkins are not only for carving. They are amazing for your teeth. Pumpkins are full of nutrients that are good for your teeth. Plus there are so many things to make out of pumpkins.
  • Cranberries- Cranberries are great seasonal treats that help to fight decay-causing bacteria in your teeth.
  • Apples- Apples aren’t all bad. Only the ones covered in sticky sugar. Apples are great at giving your teeth and gums a little extra cleaning while you’re eating them.
  • Black and Green Tea- Put the coffee away and bring out the black and green teas! These teas have nutrients, just like cranberries that can help to fight cavity-causing bacteria.

So, when you go to all your fall parties and celebrate the holidays, think before you decide what you want to snack on.


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