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Your Guide to Preventing Sports Dental Emergencies

A woman up to bat in a baseball game

What’s one of the most common dental sports injuries in America?

… The answer in just a minute!

According to the American Dental Assistants’ AssociationThis link opens a new tab to the ADSA website, about 15 million Americans experience some type of sports-related dental injury each year.

About 10 percent of players will have some form of dental injury in any given athletic season.

The answer you are so desperate for … a cracked tooth!

Sports provide a good workout, keeping you agile, on your toes, and your heart pumping strong.

They may benefit your body, but you know what they’re not so wonderful for?

Your teeth!

Balls flying and people running with their arms flailing are a recipe for a tooth disaster.

Fear not—you can still enjoy team camaraderie and all the health benefits; you just need a few tips for preventing sports dental emergencies.

Possible dental emergencies

So, let’s warm up with a few examples of dental emergencies that put your chompers at risk.

Firstly, imagine standing in the outfield, and a stray ball flies and hits you smack-dab in the mouth, and, yikes, your tooth comes out.

As distressing as that sounds, it’s preventable in many cases. If it does happen, we can help if you rush to see us.

Trauma to the tooth root can lead to a fracture. Do you know what that leads to? Pain!

Often, this is preventable as well. As always, we can come to the rescue if it does happen.

Sometimes, a flying object may collide with your tooth and fracture it. That’s not the kind of contact you want to make with the ball!

You could also experience this from falling or biting down hard as you’re running.

So, how can you shield your pearly whites and stay in the game?

Preventing sports dental emergencies

Man playing ice hockey with the proper gear on

Prevention is always the best medicine for sports injuries.

We can’t say it enough: always wear a custom-made sports mouthguard.

These fit comfortably in your mouth, at least once you get used to them. They act like a shield between your teeth and a flying elbow or ball.

Yes, we’re very well aware that helmets and other clunky gear can interfere.

But we promise you that wearing all the proper equipment (especially if it fits correctly) is worth it.

Knowing the general idea of the game isn’t enough for your teeth. Make sure you know the safety rules before you’re on the field or court.

You’ll be much less likely to sustain an injury of any sort this way. But if something does happen, we offer several treatments to help in a dental emergencyThis link leads to the Dental Emergency page.

What to do when preventing sports dental emergencies isn’t enough

Sometimes, the unwanted happens despite taking steps to avoid sports dental emergencies.

Thank the stars: you have our team at ProGrin DentalThis link leads to Home page to assist!

Let’s say you lost a tooth. It might not be the end of the world.

Call us immediately, and we’ll tell you how to increase your chances of saving it.

Let’s say you fell and cracked your tooth. Well, you’re in luck; we offer several restoration options, like same-day dental crowns, to make it look as good as new.

Choosing us as your dental trainer

Think of our dentists and staff as your dental coaches. We’re here to keep your teeth strong and healthy, both on and off the court, through routine dental care.

And these are only some tips and tricks for preventing dental sports emergencies. We can provide you with pointers, especially for your particular sport.

Call us if you’re suffering from a dental emergency or would like to remain in the game while staying dental emergency-free. We’ll be there through practices, games, losses, and wins!

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