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Simpsonville Dentist Certified to Treat TMD

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Does it seem like every time you open your mouth, there is pain coming from your jaw? You can’t bite or chew anything without it hurting. You experience migraines or earaches regularly.

These are just a few examples of symptoms that usually are related to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD).

These symptoms are common among women, and most of the time, are mistaken for migraines. All of the different, varied, and unrelated symptoms associated with TMD are derived directly from inflammation within the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). This explains why TMD is thought to be migraine headaches.

What is TMD?

Your temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to your skull. It is right in front of your ear. It allows you to move your jaw up and down as well as side to side.

TMD describes the different problems within the jaw bone. There can be many different causes, but usually from teeth grinding, arthritis, or stress.

What are the Symptoms of TMD?

TMD Symptoms can include frequent headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, jaw locking, earaches, and more. They can be long-lasting or come and go. Pain may be present in one or both sides of the face. Symptoms are usually shown more in women than in men. Nearly 1 of 2 women between the ages of 16-65 are suffering from TMD related symptoms.

How is TMD treated?

After your doctor has done a physical exam to determine if you have TMD, there will be steps you can take to help relieve your pain.

Some at-home treatments include over-the-counter medications such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol. You may also be instructed to use heating or cooling pads, eat soft foods, keep your teeth slightly apart, and avoid extreme jaw movements.

If these home remedies are not working for you, dental treatment or a night guard can be used to help relieve stress put on the jaw.

Some of these treatments can be expensive or only worn at night. But, the Urbanek TMJ Splint changes that.

What is the Urbanek TMJ Splint?

Our Dentist in Simpsonville, Dr. Kevin J. Stoller, is certified to give you treatment for your TMD. The splint is designed to allow only the front teeth to touch, leaving a small space between the back teeth. The device removes 90% of the load from the TMJ. By doing so, the inflammation decreases, and the symptoms are relieved. This splint is unique from other devices because it can be comfortably worn 24/7 to relieve the joint quickly. 95-98% of TMD patients are successfully treated using the patented Urbanek device without surgery or medications.

Need a Consultation?

Do you think you might have TMD? At ProGrin Dental, we want to help make sure you get the right treatment for your pain. Schedule an appointment with, Dr. Kevin Stoller by calling our office or visiting our website to receive a free consultation.

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