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Tips for a Whiter Smile on Your Wedding Day

tips for whiter smile on wedding day

Unless you’re a model or are a public figure, your wedding day is the day where you will get the most photos and the most attention from your friends and family. These photos, videos, and memories will last a lifetime and you want to look your best. Think of how many times someone is going to tell you to SMILE! If you are a few months away from your wedding day, now is the time to be thinking about your pearly whites. But have no fear, we are here for you every step of the way. Here are some important tips to keep in mind before you tie the knot!

9 Things To Do Before Your Wedding Day

1. Go for a Consultation

The very first thing you should do is schedule your appointment right away. This not only helps you to begin achieving the cosmetic look that you want but helps you find anything that could become a problem before it’s too late. The last thing you want is to be in pain on your wedding day from a cavity that you did not get filled. It’s better to start early if there is any cosmetic work that you would like done for your smile: veneers, SureSmile Clear Aligners, teeth whitening, etc.

2. Schedule a Cleaning

Dental cleanings not only help you feel fresh and clean, but they also create a clean slate for any future whitening or treatment that you need to get done. At ProGrin dental we offer flexible appointments to make it convenient for you and your busy wedding planning timeline!

3. Start Whitening

You want to get a head start in whitening your teeth so that you can get them to a shade you would like. It’s always good to start with take-home whitening and if you can’t achieve your desired brightness, we offer an in-office whitening solution that is sure to add a pop on your wedding day! You may also consider our Bright for Life program where you can receive FREE teeth whitening for life!

4. Maintain Your Oral Health at Home

Everything begins through routine and consistency. It’s important to make sure that you are brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash every day. Your schedule can get extremely hectic but it’s important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself.

5. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Every Day

A lot of brides are already mindful of their nutrition in the months leading up to their wedding day. But did you know that eating fresh fruits can vegetables every day can also help you in your oral health journey as well? They are packed with fiber and are abrasive enough to help clean your teeth.

6. Avoid Toothpaste With Abrasive Ingredients

Avoid toothpaste that can harm your teeth especially if you have sensitive teeth. Look for things like Kaolin clay and bentonite clay, which are the safest, most effective, and least abrasive toothpaste ingredients for polishing off surface stains.

7. Avoid Red Wine, Dark Sodas, and Coffee

Everyone knows that dark wine, sodas, and coffee can cause stains on your teeth. We know it’s tempting but try to avoid these as much as possible. Stick to white wines and clear sodas.

8. Avoid Gold Jewelry

Yellow makes your teeth more yellow. Instead, wear white gold or silver jewelry to help compliment your smile and your beautiful diamonds!

9. Wear Red, Pink or Neutral Lipstick

Did you know that the lipstick that you wear can help complement your smile? Specifically, blue-toned red lipsticks can enhance the blues in your teeth and mute the yellows, making your pearly whites look cooler.

Your smile is beautiful all on its own but we want to help you feel confident with your smile on your wedding day! We would love to help you find a dentist if you don’t have one or schedule your appointment by calling your nearest ProGrin to get you on your way to a brighter smile on your wedding day.