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Do You Have Dental Anxiety? (Now Offering Sedation Dentistry in Simpsonville)

Is your fear of going to the dentist getting in the way of fixing that agonizing toothache?

Then you might have dental anxiety.

And you’re not alone.

No matter how many times the hygienist tells you that the polisher is just going to “tickle your teeth,” there is still anxiety that peaks whenever the words “dental appointment” come up in conversation.

Sound right?

A cartoon of Bart Simpson shivering in a ball to illustrate the dental anxiety alot of people experience.


If that’s the case, then our dentist in Simpsonville, SC has something for you.

Dr. Kevin J. Stoller offers a few methods that can help relieve stress or anxiety about going to the dentist, including sedation.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation is a way to alleviate dental anxiety. Dentists use medicine to help a patient feel relaxed and calm during a procedure.

Watch our short video to learn about sedation dentistry in Simpsonville, SC:

Types of sedation dentistry

There are different forms of sedation depending on the procedure, such as:

  • Laughing gas. Formally known as nitrous oxide, this sedation is a safe and effective method. A mask is placed on your nose while you breathe in nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen. Your dentist is able to control the amount of laughing gas you receive to help you relax and stay calm. Your dentist may offer you laughing gas for certain procedures. The effects of laughing gas typically wear off soon after the mask is removed.
  • Moderate sedation. With moderate sedation, medication is typically provided through an IV to work at a faster rate. This also allows the dentist to adjust the amount of sedative. The medication will depress consciousness and you may feel drowsy or even fall asleep. With moderate sedation, your body will still be able to respond to external stimuli.
  • Deep sedation. Deep sedation allows you to be almost or completely unconscious. You will not be able to easily respond and will not remember the procedure. While you are under deep sedation, you cannot be easily awakened until the effects of the medication wear off or are reversed.

At ProGrin Dental of Simpsonville, we offer two types of sedation: laughing gas and moderate sedation.

Typically, oral surgeons offer deep sedation to ensure the safety and comfortability of the patient.


A young boy after a sedation dentistry procedure

Is sedation safe?

While our ProGrin dentists use sedation to help comfort and relax you during a procedure, they ensure your safety above all else.

Your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature will be monitored during a dental procedure with sedation.

There are a number of monitors that we use to make sure each procedure is as safe as possible.

Dr. Kevin J. Stoller and his dental team will monitor your oxygen levels throughout the procedure to make sure your breathing is effective and unaltered. They will also use a heart monitor to keep track of your heart rate throughout the procedure.

Dental sedation is a safe and easy routine that can help you have pain-free procedures.

Why should I use sedation?

Dental anxiety or fear can cause you a lot of stress, even before you get to your appointment.

Sedation helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and ensure you get the dental care you need. It also helps relieve pain and allows our dental team to fully concentrate on the procedure.

Many factors go into whether or not you need sedation including the type of procedure, your overall health, and your anxiety level. Discussing these with Dr. Stoller will help to determine if and which method of sedation is best for you.

If sedation is not suitable for you, then we still have other ways to help you relax.

Our Simpsonville dentist at ProGrin offers a comfort menu to help each patient feel relaxed and have the best experience possible. Check it out:

Comfort menu at Simpsonville Dentist

The comfort menu includes a warm towel, noise-canceling headphones, neck and leg pillow, and a warm blanket. We will help you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire appointment.

Am I a candidate for sedation dentistry in Simpsonville, SC?

There is no need to be anxious about going to the dentist anymore.

ProGrin Dental helps to make each visit relaxing so you can receive stress-free dentistry.

Let’s find out if sedation dentistry can help you! Schedule a consultation today or contact us with questions:

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