Oral Cancer Screening

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We believe every patient should be screened regularly.

Stand Up Against Oral Cancer

ProGrin Dental of Simpsonville joined forces with Forward Science, the manufacturer of Oral ID™ to promote early detection and public awareness of oral cancer in the office. Dr. Stoller offers enhanced oral cancer screenings during scheduled appointments to new and current patients.


We take a stand against oral cancer using Oral ID™ Fluorescence Technology!

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a 2 minute exam could change your life

What Is Oral ID?

Oral ID® is an adjunctive screening device that uses fluorescence technology to aid clinicians in the visualization of oral abnormalities. It is easy to use and non-threatening. Finding these abnormalities in much earlier stages can increase the 5-year survival rate up to 80-90%. Those interested in receiving an oral cancer screening or learning more about our advanced technology implemented in Simpsonville, SC can call our office or ask about our screenings at their next appointment.

Know These Shocking Facts

People Will Be Diagnosed With Oral Cancer In 2021
People Will Die From Oral Cancer This Year
Years Oral Cancer Cases Have Increased
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“It was Absolutely Painless!”

"My front teeth were terrible for 30 years till I went to ProGrin in Greer. It was absolutely painless, and the results are fantastic. I am extremely happy. All the staff were wonderful. I will recommend them highly. Thank you all again."

Jim B., Actual Patient

Be Preventative

Your smile will thank you!

Your oral health is connected to your overall well-being. We truly value our patients’ quality of life. In the end, preventative dentistry can result in less extensive – and less expensive – treatment for dental conditions for all ages.

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