Full Mouth Restorations in Anderson

Stop hiding, and start smiling again!

Restoring Your Smile's Function & Beauty

Also known as full mouth rehabilitation, this treatment involves rebuilding your bite’s function and smile’s beauty. If you haven’t properly cared for your teeth in the past or if you have extensive damage from an accident, we have a highly trained and experienced staff to get your smile back to its prime.

A full mouth restoration involves a combination of dental procedures, which could include:

Your treatment plan is customized to your needs and timeline, and it’s all worth it in the end. Not only will you have a gorgeous, functional smile but you can finally eat, speak, and smile without hiding from embarrassment and being in pain.

Helping You Smile Again

No judgment. No criticism. Just friendly, personalized care.

What can you expect at ProGrin Dental? Watch our video!

If you’ve ever felt embarrassed to visit a dentist, we promise to never scold or judge you for your smile’s condition. Instead, we focus on the future.

  • Why do you need dental treatment?

  • What can we do to help you smile again?

  • How can we make your treatment plan work around your needs (schedule, budget, fears, etc.)?

These are just a few questions we’ll address to help you smile again. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Why Choose ProGrin Dental for Full Mouth Restorations?

We’re here to help you. Our dentists in South Carolina have the skills, expertise, and training to take care of your smile right under one roof. In no time, you’ll finally:

  • Smile with confidence

  • Eat your favorite foods

  • Speak clearly without hiding your smile

How can you find the right restorative dentist for you? Download our helpful guide, which gives you the top six questions to consider when choosing your perfect dentist.

Full mouth restorations case done by ProGrin Dental
Full mouth restorations case done by ProGrin Dental
Full mouth restorations case done by ProGrin Dental
5 star reviews

“Number 1 in My Book!”

"I have always had a horrible fear of dentist’s to the point I didn’t go for years. Because of that my teeth have suffered. We were recommended to Dr. Ayers in February 2016 and he is the best dentist in the world!!! I have no fear because I know he is going to not hurt me but fix my problems. His staff is just as caring and helpful as he is. If you need an awesome dentist, Dr. Ayers is the man! Number 1 in my book!"

Rebecca P, Actual Patient at Progrin Dental of Greenville

Have Questions About Full Mouth Restorations?

Get the answers straight from our restorative dentists.

  • Will dental insurance cover full mouth restorations?

    Dental insurance covers some aspects of this procedure. It all depends on your provider and maximum. Give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to provide a benefits check of your coverage. We also offer multiple payment options to help make full mouth rehabilitation more affordable.

  • How long will the process take?

    It depends on the extent of your dental problem. Some cases last only a few appointments while others last much longer. During your consultation, our dentists will complete a thorough examination of your smile and provide their honest recommendations of what you need and what you can expect.

  • Will getting my smile redone hurt?

    We’ll do everything possible to make sure you’re not in pain during the treatment. Our goal is to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed during the entire process. Along with our friendly team, we have a Comfort Menu and Sedation Dentistry for those who need it.

    Here’s what one patient said about our Comfort Menu:

    “Upon arrival, you are given a comfort menu offering lavender towelettes, lip moisturizer, leg pillows, and more! The staff is so caring and completely puts you at ease! They see all ages and will make a great dental home to all!”

    – Keri M., Actual Patient at ProGrin Dental of Riverside

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