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We have compiled Dr. Peek’s favorite fun facts about teeth! Read more below to get a glimpse into the incredible world of our mouths. Want to learn more? Come visit Dr. Peek at ProGrin Dental in Woodruff SC. Now accepting new patients.

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Fun Facts from ProGrin Dental in Woodruff SC

Did you know that Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your whole entire body?

300 types of bacteria exist in your mouth and are a direct result of plaque.

If you fail to floss, you miss out on 40% of the surface area of your teeth.

Even though dentists recommend that their patients brush for two minutes, the average person only actually brushes for forty eight seconds.

If you eat sugar after a meal it reduces the risk of turning into plaque because the first item that you ate protects your teeth somewhat.

If you were to look inside an elephant’s mouth you might pull out a tooth that is a foot long and weighs 6 lbs.

Don’t put a cap on your toothbrush. It is actually better to let it breathe because bacteria grows faster with the cap on.

The second most common disease is tooth decay.

Three out of four Americans have periodontal disease.

Put your tooth in milk if it gets knocked out because it will start to die within fifteen minutes.