Cultivating Thankfulness: ProGrin Dental Greenville SC

At ProGrin Dental Greenville SC we want to cultivate a spirit of gratitude in each and every one of our employees and patients. Read more about how we foster this….

It is an understatement to say that we have so much to be thankful for. According to a Forbes article on America’s quality of living, even the lower class in our country live better than the kings and royalty of old. It is fitting to start out the year with gratitude because through it we are able to live in the present and foster more positive thinking and self-worth. When this happens, it magnifies the smaller pleasures we get from life. Through gratitude, we can fight the toxic, stressful emotions that tend to come our way when we are focused only on what we are not getting out of life. Let’s take time this week to look outside ourselves and be thankful for the people who are making our lives more enjoyable, the patients who make our work fun, and even the patients who are not so fun because they give us an opportunity to show them kindness when they may be struggling with something that we haven’t experienced before. The positive ProGrin Dental Greenville SC culture that we all desire comes from individuals who are practicing inner peace and contentment.


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A few things to focus on this week from ProGrin Dental Greenville SC:

  • Thank your co-workers for small things that may be routine just to let them know they are valued and appreciated at work.
  • Talk about the good things happening in your life to patients and co-workers even in the midst of trials. It might encourage them to look at their situations with more gratitude.
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