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The Most Significant Part of Christmas at ProGrin Dental

Merry Christmas ProGrin Dental Family! You are so valued and we want to express our gratitude to you for another fantastic year. Let’s take some time to reflect, not on our successes, but on God’s goodness to us in 2016.

The Christmas story found in the Bible is the reason we participate in this multi-billion industry called Christmas. Luke 2 takes us back 2000 years ago to celebrate the beginning of a redemption story that started in a stable in Bethlehem. The passage says that when the news started to spread about Jesus, the newborn savior, “All who heard it were amazed… But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”


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What is Most Important Really??

December 25th points to the most significant moment in human history when God came down from the glory and praise of heaven to be born a child, to live a perfect life so that he could take the punishment we deserve on the cross. We all need to stop for a moment from the busyness, the clamor, and the materialism to ponder the love of God and to, like Mary, treasure the things that truly matter in our hearts. Who are the people and the things that you need to express your love and gratitude for? What priorities do you need to make so that your time is spent doing the things that will be remembered?

Thank you to all of our patients and wonderful team members who have helped make this 2016 one of our best yet. We are growing at phenomenal rates and just can’t express how much every single patient has meant to us. We truly have been blessed this year at ProGrin Dental and are expectant for great things in 2017! Merry Christmas!



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