ProGrin Dental and Cosmetics- Sugar Blues

At ProGrin Dental and Cosmetics we highly recommend a low sugar diet. In this blog we will attempt to explain our reasoning. When you eat any kind of carb (even beans or rice that are not sweet) the body breaks them down into sugar. As blood sugar levels rise, your pancreas will excrete a hormone called insulin. Insulin prompts the body’s cells to absorb the sugar (storage or energy). As your body’s cells absorb the sugar, the levels in the bloodstream begin to fall. The pancreas will then release a hormone called glucagon that tells the liver to start releasing stored sugar to balance out the low blood sugar. Diabetes is when the body cannot produce enough insulin or the body can’t use the insulin it does create. At ProGrin Dental and cosmetics, our doctors do their best to educate patients on diabetes prevention. Dr. Kaley Peek, Dr. Greg Ayers, and Dr. Aaron Henley all believe in patient education and making their experience worthwhile at ProGrin Dental and Cosmetics.

Do You Have the Sugar Blues? ProGrin Dental and Cosmetics Shares on Glycemic Index, sugar addiction, and tips to beating your cravings. dentist clinics pediatric dentist pediatric dentists family dentist childrens dentist pediatrics dentist teeth cleaning dentist emergency emergency dentist dental offices dentist services dentist cost dental practices dentist offices children dentist dentist for children dental crown crown dental dental crowns dentist jobs dentist for kids kids dentist best dentist smile dentist dentist job best dentists zoom whitening free dentist sedation dentist dentist costs dentist review top dentists dentist reviews child dentist dentist prices sedation dentists dental exam implant dentist dentist fees find a dentist find dentist school dentist dental bridges dentist games dentist implants affordable dentist medicaid dentist dentist medicaid tmj treatment cheap dentist implant dentists dentist search reviews of dentists dentists reviews general dentist

The glycemic index is a helpful way of dividing food categories because it tells us what foods will enter the blood stream quicker causing rapid spikes. You can find out your fasting glucose levels and then decide a plan based on lifestyle through a simple glucometer. Your body can only metabolize six teaspoons of sugar per day. (1tsp= 4g=24g/day) So when you are checking out food labels make sure to count sugar content before throwing it in your grocery cart. Excess sugar turns into body fat. You have heard that alcohol destroys your liver. Sugar is the same. Your liver uses sugar to make fat so a buildup of fat in your liver can lead to fatty liver disease. At ProGrin Dental and Cosmetics, we love to answer questions about your health. So let us know if you ever need anything from us! Make sure you check us out on Facebook and Google+ and Yelp. If you’re looking for Braces, make sure to check out Dr. Davis in Greer and Simpsonville!