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Passion and Service Excellence at ProGrin Dental Greenville SC

Passion is what separates us from the average dental office at ProGrin Dental Greenville SC. We could choose to be average and comfortable… punching the clock and leaving at five every day. That would be comfortable. But we have a different life blood running through our veins at ProGrin and iGrin. We are all about being unique and different from the exceptional people that we hire to the extraordinary patient experience the whole way though. No one ever talks about average service experiences, they only boast of their fantastic experiences.

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The Disney Way Right Here at ProGrin Dental Greenville SC

There’s hundreds of cruise ships across the United States, but there’s only one Disney cruise. Disney separates itself from the rest through its service excellence and the care it gives to each and every guest. We want to be the Disney of dentist offices. I had a friend who went on a Disney cruise and the staff accidentally brought her the wrong dish at dinner. When she went back to her room that night there was a platter of chocolates and an apology letter signed by the kitchen crew. Wow! Over the top? Absolutely. And I heard my friend tell that story to at least ten people. Let’s bring passion into our work so that we give patients the experience of a lifetime the “Disney Way.”