Natural Toothache Remedy with Surprising Ingredient

One of the most common ailments we see at ProGrin Dental are toothaches. Toothaches can be extremely painful and made even worse by hot or cold substances such as ice cream or hot tea. Dr. Ayers at ProGrin Dental usually likes to look at the individual patient for signs of gum disease or cavities. There are many more factors that can contribute as well such as an irritated tooth root, tooth decay, and more. There are products that we carry in our office that we often recommend, but one natural toothache remedy that we promote is olive oil. Olive oil is a natural ingredient that has surprising uses around the house.

One common cause of a toothache can be a rough hygienist and/are poor oral hygiene. Have you ever come home from the dentist only to find that your gums are sore? We recommend a clove oil and olive oil mixture (1:3) because it can actually help provide temporary relief due to the eugenol and is a natural toothache remedy/ antiseptic. We recommend not ingesting clove oil because it may produce a burning sensation when it is not diluted.

Natural Toothache Remedy

Natural Toothache Remedy and Gingivitis

If you have red or swollen gums, then you probably have gingivitis. It is one of the most common periodontal diseases that we see. Inflammation fills the mouth and is almost always due to poor oral hygiene. If gingivitis is not treated, it can lead to bone loss. Olive oil actually helps prevent gingivitis when swished around in the mouth. We usually recommend mixing with water before swishing. The mixture to block plaque and tartar buildup.

There are so many substances that we use in our every day lives that we overlook. At ProGrin Dental we love to save you money. Often times, you don’t need expensive ointments. The cure can be found right in your kitchen cabinet. Check out our website to see which ProGrin location is closest for you!

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