InstaGrin Dental Savings Plan

No Dental Insurance? We’ve Got Something To Make You Grin!

At ProGrin Dental, we have you covered! We’re proud to introduce our InstaGrin Dental Savings Program, where we’re making dentistry affordable for you and the entire family!

InstaGrin is a simple, straightforward alternative to dental insurance. Our in-house coverage plan will ensure you get all of your treatment at an affordable price. For a small monthly investment, you will be able to automatically see the payoff even if you don’t have expensive treatment that year.

Membership Plan

Your Coverage Will Include:

How Does The Dental Savings Plan Compare To Regular Insurance?

Who is InstaGrin for?

We offer InstaGrin to uninsured patients and employers looking to offer a dental plan for their business. Other participants include those who are self-employed, on a fixed income, in between jobs, or retired.

How do I enroll in the dental savings plan?

Enrolling in InstaGrin is very simple and will only take five minutes of your time. Sign two papers, set up your credit card on draft for $24.99 per month, and pay a one-time enrollment fee of $59.

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