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Meet the Man Behind the Tutu, Dr. Greg Ayers

Meet the Man Behind the Tutu, Dr. Greg Ayers

“I was born in Indiana and married my sweet southern belle. I’ve been a true southerner ever since. I have 4 grown boys and 1 granddaughter. We Enjoy spending time fishing, playing golf, chilling with family on the lake.

I began my practice in 1983 in Greenville. I was a graduate and teaching mentor at the NASH institute for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Additionally, I co-authored the book called The Service Prescription and I enjoy sharing my passion for delivering service excellence. I have lectured on the magic of service excellence across the country. I love getting my team involved in community events around the upstate and giving back to the community. For example, I host a Leadership forum every year called Live 2 Lead with the John Maxwell company. My passion is to be more than just a dentist. My passion is to develop tomorrow’s leaders in the community, and my employees — one smile at a time. (One of Greg Ayers’ favorite sayings because he loves to smile himself)


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How has cancer overall, and specifically breast cancer, impacted you or your loved ones?

Over the past 34 years of practice, I have seen patients of all ages who have fought the good fight–many who have beaten the odds and are cancer free or in remission. Unfortunately, I have very dear friends and patients who have passed away. (Fun fact: Greg Ayers has checked 100s of 1000s of mouths over the years)

Oral cancer is one of the leading cancers in the United States. Over the years, we’ve diagnosed cancer on numerous patients of mine. We know the struggles and heartaches our patients and friends face. If nothing more, we feel like it’s our obligation to do what we can to raise awareness. We are more than a dental group, we are here to promote health and do our part to help eradicate all forms of cancer. This is such a worthy cause because I have family members who have had breast cancer and current patients undergoing treatment. Any small thing we can do to raise money, puts a smile on our face and the patients around the world. The comments and the smiles we received for doing something as silly as wearing a tutu for a month, the comments and wonderful support all around the world from this simple act of awareness has been heartwarming. We are excited to take this to a higher level.


Greg Ayers, What are you most excited about being involved in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign?

Some of the best medicine out there is laughter– laughing at yourself and letting other people laugh at you for a worthy cause. We are honored to put a smile on people’s faces during grim situations.  The Great medicine of laughter might take their eyes off of their next chemo treatment. We will do anything to help lighten their load financially or emotionally. I’ll wear a tutu every day if that’s what it takes. No one is immune to cancer–money, position, or power. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. By the grace of God if you don’t have it you should be thankful. I have a dear friend whose child was struck with leukemia. One of my dear patients just had double mastectomy last week. I am invested in this cause this year more than ever. It is beyond heart warming for me to hear responses from people across the world who see our pink tutu challenge online. I get letters and thank you notes, but more than that, there is a woman somewhere out there who is the last person to have breast cancer. Let’s find her.


Real Men Wear Pink of Greenville: Dr. Greg Ayers | Real Men Wear Pink of Greenville

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  1. Avatar for ProGrin Dental

    What an INCREABLE man….

  2. Avatar for ProGrin Dental
    Drew Mitchell

    I met Greg Ayers about 45 years ago when we were both about 19-20 years old (yes, we are that old!) Greg is “the real deal”, authentic, and has been a friend over all these years. It comes as no surprise that he has developed a reputation of being such a fantastic dentist. Greg sincerely cares about people and will go out of his way to help someone.

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