Greenville SC Family Dentist Reveals Surprising Sugar, Bone, and Teeth Facts: Holistic Nutrition

Greenville SC Family Dentist, Dr. Ayers is on a mission to promote holistic health from teeth to toe. He provides education and training to families who come in with health questions. Ayers attests to the fact that a little sugar in your diet is ok, but also wants to reveal the raw truth about this potentially harmful substance. First Greenville SC family dentist, Dr. Ayers shares a little bit about the different types of carbs and why it matters.

Simple Vs. Complex Carbs

Complex carbohydrates are what nutritionsts call “complete foods”. Complete foods contain enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that give the body usable glucose that aid in digestion. When simple carbs like refined flour and sugar are ingested, the body immediately has to start producing its own insulin, enzymes, vitamins, and minierals. This depletes the body and leads to irritation and defense instead of nutrition. The body actually treats such “foods” as a foreign substance—a drug. Keep reading more from Greenville SC family dentist, Dr. Ayers to learn more about the effects of sugar on the teeth.

Did you know that sugar cane in it’s purest form contains some vitamins and minerals? However, our modern machinery processes sugar to only use the inner most part of the plant that strips the natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Dr. Weston Price performed a study in 1930 that proved this hypothesis about the effects of refined flour and sugar. Price traveled to foreign parts of the world to primitive races where he studied x-rays of their teeth and skulls. Over and over his conclusions were indisputable. Western societies had higher rates of arthritis, tuberculoses, and degenerative diseases.


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How Much Sugar Should We Eat According to Greenville SC Family Dentist?

The normal glucose levels that should be circulating in the blood at any one time should only be about two teaspoons. A single can of coke raises the blood sugar to 5 times its optimal amount. Alcohol has the exact same effects on the blood as a coke. Sugar can lead to digestive disorders, decreased blood flow to the heart, eczema, inflamed liver/kidneys, migraines, depression, and blood clots. Even greek yogurt, though rich in protein, may have some harsh effects on the blood. 4 grams of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar. Therefore if greek yogurt contains 8 g of sugar in a cup, you have maxed out your sugar limit with 1 cup of plain yogurt. That is not with any added sugar or fruit. As a general rule of thumb women do not need more than 24g of sugar in one day. Your Greenville SC family dentist advises his patients to stay clear of foods that have more than 8g of sugar because of the health repercussions listed above.

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