Greenville SC Dentist Offers Comfortable Spa-Like Amenities

Greenville SC Dentist Offers Comfortable Spa-Like Amenities

At ProGrin Dental, you Greenville SC dentist, we are obsessed with our patients. You’ve heard us say that, but what does that actually mean? In this blog I want to unfold the different ways that we truly put the patient first in our practice. Normally if you have to go to the dentist, you view it as a routine checklist item that is not enjoyable nor exciting. Some of you even may struggle with dental anxiety and may put off your cleanings or appointments. We completely understand and want to make sure you know that we are here for you to make you feel as comfortable as possible and hopefully make you look forward to coming to the dentist! That’s a pretty crazy thought, but if we turned your trip to the dentist into more of a trip to a local spa would you want to come then? Of course! Unfortunately we can’t magically turn your cleaning into a massage, but we deeply desire to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable with your dental experience as a massage therapist would when she takes you back to get a massage. greenville sc dentist

Mint on the Pillow

At your Greenville SC dentist we herald a little phrase called “putting the mint on the pillow.” To us, that means going the extra mile with patients and giving them little treats to make their experience more pleasant. If you go on a vacation and step into a hotel where they have a mint on the pillow, you know it’s fancy and they really want to make your stay special. Some of the ways that we try to put the “mint on the pillow” is having unlimited coffee and cookies in our waiting room, movies streaming, blankets, pillows, lip balm, music you prefer playing, and hand lotion. We love treating our guests with as much warmth and comfort as possible and would love to know of ways we can improve our services. If you have ideas we would love to hear in the comment section below!