The Secret Behind Oral Appliance Therapy

At ProGrin Dental, your Greenville SC dentist, we have a few tips for navigating the ever popular Oral appliance therapy (OAT). OAT was rated rated in the top 10 for health trends of 2016 by AASM. Many of our patients have asked us about our opinions regarding this topic so here is a full analysis of this popular topic. Typically, you would go in to the dentist to get fitted for a mouth guard that you would wear every night. Some experts say that it provides more than just prevention from snoring. In fact, many believe it helps with sleep apnea and respiratory issues. The OAT moves the jaw forward opening up the airway in the upper back of your mouth. It fits just like a retainer or a sports guard. Patients love this option because it is easy to take on vacation, comfortable, and easy to use unlike expensive machinery and tubes for breathing. Dr. Ayers, your Greenville SC dentist would be happy to discuss this option further with you!

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Where Does the Problem Come From?

Problems with breathing come from an obstruction from the airway usually from a collapsed soft pallet. The shape of the mouth is partially genetic and partially circumstantial depending on weight/age…etc. When your airway is partially obstructed, your brain sends signals to wake up for a few seconds causing disrupted sleep patterns. The side effects of sleep apnea can range from high blood pressure to heart arrhythmias. If you think that Oral appliance therapy is for you, please call to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Ayers, Greenville SC dentist. He would love to sit down with you and discuss your options. Also, please call and ask us about our free whitening on your first new patient appointment. We would love to have you join our Greenville SC dentist, Dr. Ayers and his whole patient family.

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