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Greenville Dentist Dr. Ayers Offers New Sheer White Treatment

What are the causes of stained teeth?

There are many factors associated with discolored teeth such as food and beverages that are extremely dark (berries, coffee, tea, and sodas), genetics, fillings, and trauma to the mouth. There are two types of stains—external and internal. You need to choose a product that addresses your specific problem. Your Greenville dentist, Dr. Ayers can help! We offer whitening solutions like Sheer White that uproot those problem stains and help teeth stay whiter longer.

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What we like about Sheer White at Greenville dentist, Dr. Ayers’ office:

Sheer White uses Carbamide Peroxide because it is less likely to cause sensitivity (it does not travel to the sulcus into nerve endings) and also is very effective in quick treatments. This particular treatment only requires 5 days of two hour intervals. Because this treatment is professional we only sell it in house because we like to monitor the results and make sure your teeth are responding well. Periodic touch ups may be necessary depending on patient preference. Many variables affect the duration of any whitening product including diet, medications, and genetics. Some patients will choose to whiten every 6-12 months. We recommend a minimum wait time of 7-10 days in between Sheer White (five 2hr treatment) courses. We recently partnered with Greenville Little Theater and provided whitening treatments for their whole team and they were quite happy with the results. Check out our facebook page to see pictures!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Sheer White please check out their website or come in for a consultation to see what your options are for teeth whitening!