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Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

There is always speculation when it comes to teeth whitening and whether or not it damages your teeth.

The short answer is no teeth whitening does not leave damages on your teeth or enamel.

There are different types of teeth including stripes, gels, and bleaching treatments done in the dental office. Before determining if teeth whitening is harmful it is important to understand how it works.

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How It Works

There are two types of stains that can be present on your teeth. There are stains on the outside of your teeth that most toothpaste can tackle and get rid of. But there are also stains underneath the surface of your tooth that may require extra attention. This is why teeth whitening toothpaste still leave your teeth a little discolored and why some people decided to go with a stripe or gel whitening solution.

Most whitening products consist of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates through the first layer of your tooth, your enamel, into the next layer. A reaction occurs between the oxygen molecules in the hydrogen peroxide and the discolored molecules in your tooth. It breaks the bonds up to make them appear whiter.

Is Whitening Safe?

There is no research or facts that say that whitening harms your teeth. At first, your teeth may feel dry because of the oxygen present in the hydrogen peroxide. Once your whitening routine is over, the saliva will help rehydrate your teeth and they will no longer feel dry.

Your teeth may also feel sensitive when whitening because of the reactions between the molecules. There are ways to help your teeth not be sensitive to the whitening process including using a sensitive toothpaste.

Overall, there is no evidence that whitening is harmful to your teeth. There may be a few discomforts that come with it but no lasting effects.

If you feel like whitening is for your talk to your dentist about how you can brighten your smile.

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