The Cutest Therapy Dog at ProGrin’s Anxiety-Free Dental Office

Watch the video about our certified dental office therapy dog in Woodruff
We would like to extend an enormous shout (and woof) of thanks to FOX Carolina who recently featured a segment about Barley’s work here at our dental office in Woodruff.

ProGrin Dental was recently featured in a video segment on FOX Carolina News. Why the hype? Well, it seems that our dental office therapy dog has stolen both the spotlight and the hearts of many in Woodruff.

For all our visitors who don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist, or who in fact, may have a strong dental phobia or anxiety, we would love for you to meet our cute (some say the cutest) therapy dog, Barley Peek.

Meet Barley Peek from ProGrin, the First and Only Dental Office Therapy Dog in Upstate Woodruff

Barley is an adorable, personable, and empathetic chocolate lab who enjoys coming to work with us at our dental office in Woodruff. From the wags of her tail and the mesmerizing looks she gives, we have been able to effectively conclude that she, like us, is passionate about helping our patients feel calm and at ease so they can have beautiful, healthy, and radiant smiles for life.

Watch the video segment of ProGrin’s Dental Office Therapy Dog in Woodruff on FOX CAROLINA NEWS

For all that went into the production and upkeep of this video segment on their website, again we wish to thank the editors and team of FOX Carolina News. Be sure to follow FOX Carolina on Facebook!

Benefits of a Certified Dental Office Therapy Dog

If you are one of the over 30 million Americans who avoid the dentist due to severe anxiety or fear, Barley can help.

As the only certified therapy dog in the entire Upstate Woodruff, Barley will volunteer her time during your dental visit at ProGrin Dental to:

  • sit with you
  • let you pet her
  • even sit on your lap to cuddle and ease your fear during your visit.

Our dental staff is renowned for their anxiety-dispelling techniques and chair-side manners, but if at any moment you need the soothing influence of Barley, she will be right there for you to cuddle with and get through your dental visit without fear.

You probably noticed a little girl in the video smiling with Barley. Can only children have appointments with our newest team member? Not at all! Young and young-at-heart of all ages and levels of anxiety get to have Barley on their visits.

We want nothing more than for Barley to continue stealing hearts and spotlight as the FIRST AND ONLY certified dental office therapy dog in Upstate Woodruff.

Not to worry, if you’re like many of our former dental-phobe patients, and after a couple visits with Barley, you find that you are cured of your fear of the dentist, you can still request to have her on your dental appointments to keep you company.

Schedule your appointment with Barley at ProGrin!

Contact us today to request your appointment with Barley, the cutest, the first, and the only certified therapy dog in Upstate Woodruff. Although she is a busy girl due to popular demand, Barley and our team will do everything within our paws and hands to accommodate your relaxing visit—perhaps your best dental visit yet!

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