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Celebrating Our Dental Therapy Dog – National Dog Day

They come in all shapes and sizes. Fluffy little white energy balls. Strong and loud protectors. And soft and sweet comforters. Dogs do a lot more for us than we think. So, happy National Dog Day to your furry friend who has been there for you through everything.

At ProGrin Dental of Woodruff, we have a special friend who not only takes care of her household but those who come in and out of the ProGrin house every day.

The Therapy dog, Barley at ProGrin Dental of Woodruff celebrates for National Dog Day.

Barley is our sweet chocolate lab therapy dog. Dr. Peek and Barley form a power duo that revolutionizes dentistry for children and patients. Barley comforts those who have dental anxiety. She is always available for some downtime, a pet, a chat, or a treat. She’s never too busy and she always greets you like you’re the coolest person on earth.

Interacting with therapy animals has a lot of benefits for your health. Playing with animals helps lower blood pressure and improves cardio health. It is important to not only take care of your oral health but your overall health as well.

Service dogs have a large impact on their owners and people they interact with. Sometimes a little play or relaxation can help a bad day run smooth.

National Dog Day not only celebrates those dogs who have families and are already making an impact but those dogs who do not yet have families and are in need of adoption. Dogs can work so hard to save lives, keep us safe, and make us feel comfortable.

Dogs have many different jobs as well. They can work to help but our fires, help a blind person cross the street, detect bombs, and comfort those in need.

We appreciate all that Barley does for us on a daily basis especially today. She is a special member of our ProGrin family. Happy National Dog Day to Barley and all of her furry friends. Hug your little pup and give them extra treats to let them know they are appreciated.