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Breast Cancer Testimony of Employee from Dentist Office in Greenville, SC

Inspiring Breast Cancer Testimony From Dear Staff Member

Our office has always been passionate about raising awareness for all types of cancer. For the month of October, we always love shining a light on all of the strong women and their families who have been affected by breast cancer. Dr. Greg Ayers says “we know the struggles and heartaches our patients and friends face. If nothing more, we feel like it’s our obligation to do what we can to raise awareness. We are more than a dental group, we are here to promote health and do our part to help eradicate all forms of cancer.” Staff member, Chelsea, from our Greenville office once suffered from the disease but now has a beautiful breast cancer testimony. Chelsea hopes her story will help to restore a sense of hope and strength to all women who have been and are currently being affected by the disease.


“I never let myself believe that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was told I had it – but we are told a lot of things in our lifetime.”

“When I was 21 years old, I went for my first OB-GYN appointment where my doctor found a tumor in my breast along with a pretty severe ovarian disease called polycystic ovarian disease (PCOS). Most 21 year olds would leave this kind of appointment exactly the way they came in; without a care in the world. I left my appointment with anxiety towards my future and a care about everything in the world.

“My earthly doctor only saw one solution – an MRI along with chemo.”

He was the best surgical oncologist I could have imagined having. He graduated from a top medical school and specialized in breast cancer, but even he was limited in his treatment philosophies. So, I turned to My Physician – The Ultimate Physician. If God can cause this world to turn when He says turn and the sun to shine when He says shine, He could for sure heal me of this seemingly small thing. I had a great support team of family, church family, and friends who gathered around me and prayed vigorously for me and my healing before my first round of chemo.

“Ms. Reynolds, you seem to be fine. I don’t know how but by everything I am seeing here, there’s no evidence of anything being wrong with you.”

About a month after treatment and lots of prayer, I returned to my doctor for my results. He walked in the room, asked for my name, and checked with my nurse to make sure the scans were put in under the right patient. My nurse then responded “yes” and they both went out of the room to check the film copy of my MRI. My doctor, in all his knowledge, returned to the room, scratched his head, and said “Ms. Reynolds, you seem to be fine. I don’t know how but by everything I am seeing here, there’s no evidence of anything being wrong with you.”

In the end, my doctor found no evidence of a tumor, only scar tissue from my previous surgeries. No evidence of cancer, or sign of radiation damage from chemo. No malformation of ducts. No other problems or masses in my lymph nodes. He literally saw nothing! When a doctor looks at you and says he doesn’t know how you’re fine now because a month ago you weren’t… the only conclusion is that the Ultimate Physician has done a work that no earthly doctor can.

Why was I healed when so many people are affected by this horrible disease all the time? I can’t answer that question; but, I have no doubt that this circumstance has been a part of my purpose in life. Whatever the reason, whatever is to come out of this – I know that my God is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the Author and the Finisher, the Alpha and Omega, and everything in between. He is my Physician and He is your Physician.”

“My name is Chelsea, I am 22 years old, and I have been healed of breast cancer.”


Breast Cancer Testimony


Share Your Breast Cancer Testimony

Based on the 2017 Breast Cancer Statistics, 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. It’s essential that we take the necessary steps to raise awareness in our communities. We believe one of the most effective ways to raising awareness of breast cancer is sharing your breast cancer testimony. Sharing your breast cancer testimony sheds light on the reality of the disease. It also releases a sense of comfort to those who are also suffering just to know that they are not alone in this battle. (If you would like to share your stories with us, you may submit them via email to

Getting Involved in Raising Breasy Cancer Awareness

We all will know at least one person in our lives who has been or is currently being affected by a form of cancer. We ask that you’ll partner with the community in raising awareness of breast cancer and all other forms of cancer. We hope Chelsea’s story stirred up an urgency in you to get involved. Whether that be by exercising your gifts of generosity by donating, or simply volunteering at a local event, your part matters and makes the world of a difference! This month or ProGrin Greenville office has partnered with Hope Cancer Ministries in spreading awareness! Stop by our Greenville office to write an encouraging letter to a breast cancer patient to retrieve a free t-shirt!

Hope Cancer Ministries

Learn more about ways to get involved

Events Near You to Help Raise Awareness!

Strides Against Breast Cancer Greenville, SC

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