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Beyond the Drill: Inside The Perfect Patient Experience

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What’s the first word that pops into your head when anyone mentions the dentist?

Chances are, you think of the word DRILL.

But what if we told you that dental care with us is more?

We’re going beyond the drill and offering you an array of services.

We stress preventative care because that’s what makes for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles and keeps that tool away.

Plus, at every visit, we aim to give you the perfect patient experience by pulling out all the stops and making your appointments smooth and convenient!

Safeguarding your smile with preventative dental care

While we fill cavities—with non-metal fillings—we don’t just want to see you when there’s a problem.

We want to help you prevent any issues, making for simple visits where you’re in and out and ready to seize the day. (Or go home and make dinner if your appointment is later in the day!)

Fortunately, we make preventative dental care uncomplicated.

Visit us every six months, possibly more frequently, if you have specific oral or overall health concerns.

There’s no need to stress over remembering your appointment date; we’ll even send you a text reminder.

Then, once you’re here, we give you the works: a thorough cleaning, possibly X-rays (don’t worry, they’re digital!), and all the patient education you need to keep your mouth healthy.

And sealants—we offer those. They’re not just for children, either!

You might still be looking for more in a dentist. That’s okay because we’re up for that challenge.

Making your smile beautiful through cosmetic services

Yes, preventative dental care is essential to good oral health, and it even keeps your teeth white.

However, some patients want more. We get it!

That’s why we offer an array of cosmetic servicesThis link leads to Cosmetic Dentistry page to make your smile radiant and visually pleasing.

The best news of all—there’s no drilling involved in these services whatsoever. (Unless you opt for smile designThis link leads to Smile Design page and need to have cavities treated.)

Prime example: with porcelain veneersThis link leads to Porcelain Veneers page, that misshapen tooth can go through a complete visual metamorphosis. It’ll then blend in with the others, giving you a perfect smile you thought was only possible in your dreams.

We know some of our patients aren’t looking for a flawless smile, though. They’re looking to finally see a dentist despite having dental anxiety or fear.

You know what? We cater to these individuals as well with our array of amenities.

Ensuring pleasant visits through comfort measures

Front desk and refreshment station

Think of ProGrin DentalThis link leads to Home page as a five-star hotel for your mouth. We like to say we give our patients a spa day for their teeth.

But we also keep you, as the patient, in mind because you’re more than your teeth.

That’s why, when you visit, you can enjoy a movie during your treatment. While there’s no popcorn, you can treat yourself to a cookie on the way out!

You’ll be able to keep your mind off of anything we’re doing and feel like you’re not even at the dentist with an amenity like this.

We’re not done yet!

We also offer:

  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Blankets
  • Neck pillows, and more.

We can enroll you in our membership plan to save you money, which will most certainly put a smile on your face. While not necessarily an amenity, it’s a great beginning and conclusion to your visit.

A quick wrap-up

Woah, that was a lot to note, and only some of what we provide beyond the drill.

And, in all honesty, our goal is to keep that tool out of your mouth, except when necessary.

Ultimately, that’s why we put preventive dental care at the center of our practice and each care plan.

The cherry on top: our staff goes beyond the call of duty to make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

Our dentists and the rest of our staff are personable. This truly makes for the perfect patient experience every time.

If you’re ready for the ideal patient experience, give us a call or book online today.

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