Best Places to Visit in Greenville SC by ProGrin Dental’s Experts

Best Places to Visit in Greenville SC by ProGrin Dental’s Team of Experts

Dr. Ayers and the entire team here at ProGrin Dental are proud to call Greenville, SC home! Not only do we love caring for our dental patients, we also love promoting and supporting local businesses which is why we asked our team of experts (Long time Greenville natives) to talk about the best places to visit in Greenville SC.

Wondering where to have dinner this evening? Looking for fun family activities this weekend? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our Greenville, SC faves:

Best Places to Visit in Greenville SC


Our favorite restaurants:

  • Tupelo Honey Café: The staff here is so friendly and we always love getting to eat those biscuits and blueberry preserves!
  • Grill Marks: Huge gourmet burgers that hit the spot for even our vegetarian staff members here at ProGrin Dental.
  • Bacon Brothers: Interesting menu at this bar and restaurant conveniently located off of I85 in Greenville. We ordered the Chef’s Selection meat board with a specific request for no head cheese. The variety of meats and mustards was interesting and tasty.


Our favorite services:

  • Planet Fitness: Several of our staff members go here and rave about their clean facilities and sweet employees.
  • Wilsons on Washington: Dr. Greg Ayers and Brent Ayers love to get their haircut here because of the quality service and comfortable environment. They recommend Wilsons with five stars!


Things to do:

  • Greenville Zoo: Many people in our ProGrin family have young kids that love to go to the Greenville Zoo because they have great customer service and a wide variety of animals for all ages!
  • Gravitopia: Fun for our kids at ProGrin Dental. We love sending them there when they have earned enough cavity free points!


Looking for more ideas and the best places to visit in Greenville SC?

Check out Greenville’s resource page or our Facebook page for more community events that we sponsor. You won’t be disappointed by our list of best places to visit in Greenville SC.

We believe local businesses and events make Greenville, SC a special place to call home. What are your local favorites? Share a comment below and we will post about your local loves on our Facebook page!